Propalt & Our Technology

Key Facts about our technology and team

  • Established to bring big data within reach of consumers and SME's
  • Experienced Teams based in UK, China & S.E.A
  • Teams include Academics, Developers, Data Scientists & Industry Experts
  • Several Published Academic Papers on ML & AI
  • Market leading IP & technology used in products worldwide
  • Passion for learning, creating & sharing throughout the industry

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

With all the current buzz around these terms including doomsday Terminator predictions to naughty 'tech' companies just adding AI to their name there is often some confusion.

The last twenty years has seen an explosion in processing power allowing complex algorithms, once reserved for large conglomerates, to be accessed by the broader market.

With many government’s opening up millions of data sets and companies like us using our skill sets to build industry leading models the subject field has become much more accessible to normal business and consumer users.

We build models which learn from millions of data sets everyday. We Layer this with external factors such as macro and micro economic forecasts and indices to create market leading products.

If you want to learn more about ML and AI click here.

About Us

Our ML & AI journey began several years ago after a group of like-minded data scientists wanted to fix a problem with the UK property industry.

After working for start-ups and large corporates to use machine learning and AI for commercial and academic uses we decided to start our own company targeting UK property and energy problems since we believe the current range of products on the market are either unreliable or too expensive for smaller scale users.

At the core of our technology sits our Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence algorithms built in-house by our team and constantly broken, improved and enhanced everyday.

Having started as a small group of students, engineers and developers who really enjoy using big data and technology we strive to use our skills to create reliable solutions for the SME market.

Our Lead Team

Daniel Morgan – Co-Founder

Daniel spent the last 18 years in start-up environments. He brings experience in building, growing and exiting several sectors including FTSE 250, renewable, property and tech companies. Based in Asia and with a true love of technology he spends every spare minute exploring how technology can enhance peoples lives.

Kieran Slinger - Co-Founder

Kieran has worked with many of the largest portals including,, The Digital Property Group and latterly Zoopla where he helped to build the business to a point where it became the fastest tech unicorn to ever float in Europe. Kieran has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of property data and how it fits together to create solutions that help us to power our solutions. He is also a black belt in Taekwondo and enjoys the occasional triathalon, although not for a while now apparently !

Jamie Osborne – Chief Commercial Officer

Having worked for Zoopla across many senior positions, Jamie has spent the last few years consulting on numerous Prop-tech solutions, working as a data and commercial leader who specialises in product development, delivery and adding value to new ideas. Jamie’s passionate about improving the moving journey and specialises in working alongside clients to innovate through data. In his spare time Jamie pretends to Elvis with “The Flying Aces” Check them out here

Neil Comper - Group Sales Director

Since 2003 Neil has held a number of senior & influential management positions within the property portal sector, including Rightmove, Prime Location, Findaproperty and Zoopla following their merger. Neil’s more recent experiences has been in helping our client in sectors such as legal, financial, data & technology. Neil’s absolute working passion is about helping his customers solve problems. Outside of work Neil keeps himself busy with family given he has 5 daughters & recently was given his first Grandchild, no time for golf now!

Lee Mellon – CTO

Having over 15 years experience as a software developer Lee has held roles in many tech companies. Specialising in the latest Agile frameworks, his role within Propalt is pivotal in leading the team of developers in a fast moving sector. When he's not managing the team he loves to get stuck into coding and issues that may pop up.

Qiu Ying – Finance Director

UK Accounting graduate Joy spent 10 years accounting in-house for property, renewable energy and technology companies before joining Propalt. Responsible for ensuring our team doesn’t spend all its money on gadgets and RAM, Qiu tirelessly keeps our ship afloat through rain or shine.

Jie Gong - Head of Research

Fellow of Hunan University in China. Jie works with our team of researchers in China to develop the most sophisticated AI and ML algorithms. Based in our Hunan office Jie works with our UK team to implement the latest upgrades. Apart from being an amazing mathematician Jie also likes building AI robots in his spare time.

Luis Silva - Snr Full Stack

Originally from Australia Luis has been coding for almost 10 years in c#, c++, java, js and all associated libraries. Before joining Propalt Luis worked in crypto currency and blockchain bringing a wealth of experience in ensuring our and our users data is secure. In his spare time Luis loves taking part in HackerWars and Hackathons.

Nontachai - Lead Front End

Nontachai is a coder who loves to create high quality software and learning new programming languages. With an interest in infrastructure, software architect, ML and AI he was a perfect fit to lead our frontend development. As a coder he's all about clean code that is human readable and allows others to understand and edit easily.

Toby Gordon - Marketing Director

Having spent 3 years running the marketing department for an online Estate Agency, Toby brings Propalt a wealth of experience and knowledge in understanding what our clients really need from our services. Toby wrote much of our KnowledgeVault product from first hand experience in building an online brand.

Mike Jones - Designer

Mike has been a graphic designer for over 20 years working on all aspects of brand and product design. His main role is to design and illustrate templates that our clients can use to sign up more customers alongside keeping UX as user friendly as possible. Before joining Propalt, Mike has worked with hundreds of companies to ensure users have a great interaction.

Sud Bajaj - Front End Developer

Sud works with Propalt part-time in implementing our design teams ideas into reality. If your using one of our templates to sign up users there is a good chance it was Sud's hard work that made it happen. Having worked as a full stack for a number of tech companies in Asia, Sud brings a great amount of experience and energy to the role.