Over 6 billion touch points covering Location, Home, Organisation and Occupants

You can target prospects by letter, email or phone and customise your communication using any of our 414 data points which contain over 6 billion insights. Propalt has data for every one of the 29 million homes in the UK and can match person and property giving a unique opportunity to build sales funnels to reach target markets.

With 20 years of home moving history in our data we can tell you when someone last moved, is moving or if we think someone is about to. Our goal is to empower companies to improve the consumer journey through their moving cycle and beyond.


Our API gives users full access to the most comprehensive property and consumer data on the market. Our data is structured into several layers from dynamic address look up to creating custom audiences.

  • Place: Location information such as address, udprn, uprn, lat/lng
  • Objects: House data such as build type, size, features
  • Events: Interactions such as listing data, sold data, finance
  • Organisations: Historic company interactions such as Utilities, Agents, Solicitors
  • Persons: Associations with a property including email, mobile, residency

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