Estate Agents

PropAlt has an industry leading set of trigger points that can be utilised to both retain & grow your vendors & applicants, we use data science to improve your business goals & ongoing plans to stay ahead of the rest.

Home Move Triggers identify customers and prospects before and after they move house. With 1.2 million home moves on average per year we can contact your target market at the very point in their journey they will be looking to transact.

Here at PropAlt we employ experts in the home mover market and we seek to grow partnerships with only the best estate agents and We invest time in building the partnerships we create, we’re obsessed with getting the right results from any data! We use data interrogation to gain the most accurate picture from any situation, (even when they run against the grain) then formulate the best way forward for our estate agent partner

How do we achieve this?

PropALT have clarity of vision on every property in the UK and being able to identify when and why changes in buying behaviour occur, this enables us to help our estate agent brands to be better equipped to deliver relevant, tailored messaging to their audiences; and in doing so, maximise buying & growth opportunities.

We think our data is the most targeted and complete in the market and we have more home specific home moving triggers linked to GDPR compliant home owners than any other data provider.

You’ll be able to target prospects by letter, email, landline or mobile, plus be able to customise your communication, with over 400 data points which also contain over 6 billion insights. Propalt has data for every one of the 29 million homes in the UK and we can match a person and a property giving you a unique opportunity to build sales funnels to reach target markets.

Our homemover data is factual – not modelled or sentiment based – and consists of fully GDPR compliant acquisition audiences.

Our homemover data is factual – not modelled or sentiment based – and consists of fully GDPR compliant acquisition audiences.

In a nutshell

  • We produce & have access to market leading property data to free up your time, deliver efficient & immeasurable marketing outcomes, we also offer a mutually agreed & guaranteed outcome
  • We help you better understand the immediate & upcoming challenges of the industry
  • We’ll demonstrate how every penny spent performs, plus we’ll show you where best to invest it to grow
  • We’ll analyse our partners data to identity strengths, weakness and make visible potential missed opportunities
  • We help our partners better understand their marketplace and to identify trends and opportunity
  • We’ll also connect you with the right home mover at the right time to get the best result at key trigger points during their sale, winning instruction, preventing loss and uncovering conveyancing and other referral opportunity
  • To identify new markets through market data analysis. o reduce cost.
  • We’ll take care of the GDPR regulation, which means management and storage of market data may be improved, making marketing wholly efficient and effective.
  • CRM’s are not built for marketing, creating a buffer between you and your customer, connect with our API and the problem is solved!