Fintech & Insurtech

Propalt has an industry leading set of trigger points that can be utilised to both retain your own clients at the time they are most likely to leave and identify prospects that are more likely to buy due to their needs. Home Move Triggers identify customers and prospects before and after they move house.

With 1.2 million home moves on average per year we can contact your target market at the very point in their journey they will be looking to transact.

Targeted Marketing

You can target prospects by letter, email or phone and customise your communication using any of our 414 data points which contain over 6 billion insights. Propalt has data for every one of the 29 million homes in the UK and can match person and property giving a unique opportunity to build sales funnels to reach target markets.

With 20 years of home moving history in our data we can tell you when someone last moved, is moving or if we think someone is about to. We are also collaborating with Fintech & Insurtech companies in the space to see if our data can enhance their products. Our goal is to empower Fintech & Insurtech companies to improve the consumer journey through their moving cycle and beyond.

Some of the data highlights for this category include

  • Month of home insurance renewal: 11,287,210
  • Anniversary dates of moves for each house in the UK, this allows you to predict mortgage renewal dates: 24,834,046
  • Month of car insurance renewal: 6,239,089
  • Income band, Profile your perfect audience to tailor your offer: 7,008,682
  • Live sale information, No better time to contact mortgage customers, upto 120,000 sale triggers per month: 24,834,046

Our Home Move Data is fully GDPR compliant. Home Move Triggers helps your business

  • retain your customers about to move house
  • improve customer acquisition rates
  • Homemovers spend an average of £15,000 in the three months after moving
  • Income band, Profile your perfect audience to tailor your offer.
  • Assess, Aquire, Alter

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