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There is no better audience to target for most retailers than home movers. Each year in the UK four million people move house with an annual average total spend of £12billion within 18 months of a move.

A high value audience that can be targeted both online, in their inbox and mobile phone, we can create audiences that have a much higher propensity to perform an action.

As an example of the power of our data we can identify houses that from the online description and facts we know about the property and owner are proven to be more likely to spend more money when a move event happens.

Utilising data

Using our proprietary data and combining this with other data sources we are able to build an accurate picture of the liklehood of a mover spending money when they move in.

With probably the widest reach across the UK housing stock and the A.I and machine learning capability of our in house team we are able to build funnels for retailers. These insights outperform other traditional metrics by at least 10x.

We can target these high-value audiences items across all sectors including DIY, furniture, tech, electricals, automotive and sport & leisure. Did you know someone who moves house is 8x more likely to replace their car within 4 months, 17x more likely to book a holiday within 4 weeks of moving.

Household Case Study

As one of the leading providers for renewable technology in the UK, Dynamis where looking to identify and contact home owners who could benefit from the ECO scheme to reduce carbon in the UK by introducing energy saving measures into older and more heat inefficient homes.

To help them we firstly looked at the EPC information on around 19.3 million homes to identify housing stock and its condition. To give a broader view we then modelled a view of the entire UK housing stock across what we already knew. This gave us a full birds eye view of the energy efficiency of the UK housing market.

Dynamis needed to calculate the Heat Load of each property, which is not supplied on EPC data, to asses which home owners would qualify for a free measure and which would have to make a contribution. We achieved this running a Machine Learning script to predict the values and ROI on each home they installed on including the payback for Dynamis over a 7 year period for the funding.

Finally we then crafted a contact funnel containing c10 million homeowners GDPR compliant details and built a campaign to send a personalised illustration of the exact saving of carbon per year and what that meant to the homeowner in pounds and pence. This was set out timed to arrive a day before their installers canvassed the area armed with the information of what the carbon saving would be.

Fun Fact - With a 5% take up rate on the worst performing homes we would help Dynamis reduce the Uk’s carbon output by 980 million metric tonnes.

PropALT is the future of data sharing and utilisation for the property market and all who operate within the property chain.

API & Insights

Our uniquely powerful data offering makes us a unique proposition, but it’s our approach to working it and with our partners that sets us further apart. Most data businesses are reticent to share data and enrich the businesses that they work with - Propalt are working to change that.

We don’t only find your market, we share it with you because we want to make it easy. We can share our API, and therefore give you access to our data, with you to enable you to dip in and out and take exactly what your business requires.

We can also analyse your data - your known marketplace - to find trends, missed opportunity, low hanging fruit and areas to grow - quickly.

We are looking for Prop Tech partners to collaborate with, share our data and grow together.

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