An introduction into targeted marketing and what can be achieved from mass audience trigger targeting.

What does it do?

One of our automation experts will get to know your business to ascertain what your perfect target customer looks like. We will then build you a campaign to reach out to those people and create direct and actionable leads that you can convert.

How does it work?

We build and design SMS messaging that will land with your potential clients which contains a custom link to a purpose built landing page like this Landing Page Example. With an opted in data base of over 10m residents we use our :Prepopulate technology we can pre-populate form data which dramatically improves the conversion rate performance of the campaigns.

Whats included?

After the consultation we build everything for you including Audience, Landing Page, Delivery and Automation. We then provide full feedback as to how the campaign delivery has performed and what this means for you in terms of ROI. Because we believe in what we do there is no contract period for this or repeating bills. You get full control.

How quickly will I see results?

Because we already have the audience and funnel statistics we are confident in demonstrating a return immediately within any business sector. You will see a consistent flow of traffic from day one of your campaign launch.

Using Propalt:Perform is like having your own marketing agency for a fraction of the cost. We are able to target and deliver you custom audiences from our proprietary data meaning that you don’t pay huge fees.

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