With our marketing automation platform you can create seamless funnels and link our data with yours to fill in the gaps and benefit from the UK’s largest, most comprehensive view of the homeowner and homemover data set - Map out your marketing.

What is it?

Our platform enables you to automate funnels and measure effectiveness of campaigns. We will also help you with our insight into what works and what doesn’t . Once your campaign is set up you can leave it to run and generate you leads. A full reporting suite means you are always in control.

How does it work

We create funnels for you so that your audience receives you key messaging at trigger points within the journey. Because we have full insight you can then target depending on what actions they take online allowing you to concentrate your marketing spend on the audience most likely to convert.

What does it mean for you?

MAP gives you the ability to run a truly multi channel intelligent campaign concentrating spend on these users most likely to convert. It automatically plans and targets across text,email,mail,google display network and facebook as well as the other social audiences.

“With MAP Propalt set it up and we left it running, we only have to put the data in the top and it converts into leads for us at the bottom.Its been truly transformational for us as a business and it means we can concentrate on the day job whilst leaving MAP to create our future customers for us.” - Dynamis Associates.

How to access the Marketing Platform

Whilst many marketing companies charge over £1,000pcm for similar products online or tie you into an agency contract, you can access our marketing platform free of charge with an Audience Subscription.

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Have your own audiences?

If you prefer to load your own audiences and not subscribe to our audiences then please get in touch and we will quote you a platform only fee.