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In-depth insights on every UK home

Empowering you with the data to create better, more engaging customer experiences and drive more informed choices for your business

With information on 29m residential properties in the UK we can supply you with in-depth data to improve your products and customer experiences.

Auto Fill

Complete key details on your forms in improve conversion rate and validity

Use a flat file or on demand data to complete and model demand based on property features. Asses a properties features, risks and validity on the front end or internally.


Generate a valuation on every UK home for market valuations or insurance reasons

Digest our data as a flat file or on demand to ensure you have the most up to date valuations. 94% accuracy including confidence score and valuation ranges.

Moving Alerts

Track properties which are on the market for sale or rent including historic records

Create trigger points based on your business or use the data to model out trends and predictions. 96% match rate for new properties coming onto the market in England & Wales.

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Coverage of the data

We provide several layers of data in the UK including place, property, events and people. Below you will find a sample of our data coverage and penetration for different layers. We use is a combination AI and Machine Learning techniques to combine a combination of Public and Tertiary data sets to give clients the most accurate overview of the UK housing picture. Below are some of the key markers from our range of 600 lines.

Data correct as of: 05/2021

Dig Deeper

Our API gives users full access to the most comprehensive property and consumer data on the market. Our data is structured into several layers from dynamic address look up to creating custom audiences.

Place: Location information such as address, udprn, uprn, lat/lng Objects: House data such as build type, size, features Events: Interactions such as listing data, sold data, finance Organisations: Historic company interactions such as Utilities, Agents, Solicitors Persons: Associations with a property including email, mobile, residency

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1000's more lines of information on this property and 28 million more. Contact us today to find out how small, medium and enterprise businesses use our property insight data to enhance their products and services.