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We have a comprehensive birds-eye view of the UK property market: Our scope of vision delivers an industry leading set of UK property market data and alongside it enriched personal information for those that own and live in properties in the UK. We have 414 lines of data on each property and generate more than 6bn insights on those properties and homeowners daily.

We link properties to individuals. We have millions of contact points for individuals who own/rent/let/sell property, including door numbers, postcodes, email addresses, mobile numbers and more coupled with financial and personal information that gives our data a depth and breadth that is unrivalled in the space in which we operate.

Utilising data

We specialise in working with every market that operates within the property chain - from estate agency to conveyancing solicitors to mortgage lenders to utility operators to removal companies and much more, generating qualified enquiry, referral and conversion. If your business is related to buying, selling, moving, remortgaging and the things that happen in between and afterward - from garden landscaping to a new fitted kitchen - we can find you the work that you need to grow.

Not only do we fill in the gaps in your marketplace, whether it be your known or unknown, we can drive your message to the right person at the right time with our trigger point analysis. We find your audience and put you where you need to be. We use our data to power automated and bespoke personalised campaigns to deliver anything from new instructions for estate agency, to qualified conveyance cases for solicitors, to domiciles that qualify for participation in the Green Deal, to mortgages, to utility switching and more, generating enquiry, referral and conversion. Propalt power Apps, websites, take CRMs to market and create marketing campaigns across a mix of methodologies and specialisms.

We create funnels of opportunity for your business, saving you time and making you money. We’ll match you with your market at the exact moment your target audience are most likely to respond. We can see the opportunity before your competition - so let us help you get ahead.

We can also identify land and commercial sites, or help you identify properties with development opportunity - such as unused planning permissions or sites that are calling out for an extension to maximise yield.

Case Study

HouseVault is a proptech company specialising in SaaS products to the UK's property service market. As a B2B business it was vital that they always had the latest and most comprehensive data for their clients. Maintaining such large datasets was becoming expensive and time consuming in-house especially as their product range grew.

We helped replace several existing databases and introduced new data via our API to enhance the products within the platform. Furthermore, with less resources needed to maintain this data in-house the company was free to focus more on product development and sales.

Fun Fact: The Propalt API offers over 400 types of data to companies looking to build exciting products along with ensuring all the data is constantly updated and accurate.

PropALT is the future of data sharing and utilisation for the property market and all who operate within the property chain.

API & isnights

Our uniquely powerful data offering makes us a unique proposition, but it’s our approach to working it and with our partners that sets us further apart. Most data businesses are reticent to share data and enrich the businesses that they work with - Propalt are working to change that.

We don’t only find your market, we share it with you because we want to make it easy. We can share our API, and therefore give you access to our data, with you to enable you to dip in and out and take exactly what your business requires.

We can also analyse your data - your known marketplace - to find trends, missed opportunity, low hanging fruit and areas to grow - quickly.

Our core strength lies in our collaboration with like minded businesses.

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