The :Protect solution ensures marketing data you hold and use is upto date and GDPR compliant.
Minimise your wastage on marketing spend and de-risk your marketing campaign by using the UK’s most up to date property moving file to identify ‘gone-away’ records and to cleanse your data.

What is it?

We will cross reference your data against the latest home moving data files, comparing opt ins, sold data and more. This will enable you to cleanse ‘gone-away’ and deceased records. It is estimated that up to 7% of all marketing collateral that is posted is sent to incorrect addresses.

How does it work?

Removing ‘gone-away’ data is essential to maintaining data accuracy and meeting the GDPR data compliance requirements. Holding inaccurate data could constitute a technical breach of the Regulation and incur hefty financial penalties.

Some organisations rely solely on customers to notify of ‘gone-away’ status, but this strategy will not meet compliance requirements as it’s incomplete. Moreover, mailing to ‘gone-away’ data increases the potential risk of identity fraud as criminals intercept mail and use the documents to apply for products in the name of the ‘gone-away’ customer.

What does it mean for you?

:Protect reduces GDPR risk and eliminates unnecessary spend to customers that have long moved on.

“We use Propalt to help us identify movers that we shouldn't be talking to at their own address. We compared and trialled 8 products on the market and found that Propalt: ID’s cleanse was by far the most up to date and comprehensive methodology out of the major database cleanse solutions.” - Stuart Murgatroyd, Data on Demand