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Research and target your local market. Find vendors, landlords, mortgage referrals and more; all in one place and with no unfair platform fees! Unrivalled access to the UK's portfolio landlord market. Make your landlord marketing count! Automate your campaigns and leave the rest to Propalt.

Automate your targeting
Saving you time, making you money

Reach every UK property whether they are selling now or planning to soon. Target landlords at their office address, without wasting money buying land titles.

The U.K's most powerful property and landlord platform

Use our suite of tools to analyse your local market, pinpoint opportunity and automate your campaigns. Propalt helps you identify and automatically target the most valuable landlord and vendor leads, and helps you create property reports & videos for free. No more unfair platform fees!.

A really insightful platform. It has helped us find and target landlords, automating the whole process for us.Its very easy to use and with no platform fees it is a no brainer for us.


Martin & Co

Research Comparable Properties

Access both historical and real-time comparable properties in your area.

Looking for property opportunities?

Connect directly with vendors who are currently selling, letting and buying properties.

Trend analysis

Find and exploit local trends in the property market.

Audience Strategies

Find 1,000's of opportunities to target.

Meet the people behind Propalt

Propalt began during the challenging times of Covid. Our Co-Founder & CTO, Daniel, was in Thailand, trying to grow his property business. He found it difficult because important information could be easier to find or spread across different websites. With travel restrictions in place, he often missed out on good property deals that locals quickly took.

Meanwhile, Kieran, who had left Zoopla, was figuring out why many property deals were falling through in the UK. He realized that having all the necessary information at the start of a property deal could solve many problems.

The turning point came with a simple phone call. A mutual friend thought Daniel and Kieran should meet, and that’s how Propalt was born.

We started in 2021 and quickly grew. Now, we have over 500 users and a team of 12 people. Propalt makes it easier for property professionals to find all the information they need in one place, helping them make better decisions quickly. We’re all about making the property market simpler and more accessible for everyone.

Meet the team

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