Propalt Pricing

Stop paying subscription and platform fees, The fairer way reach your market.


A direct mail solution For Small Scale Property Investors, Developers and Independent Property Professionals who might send letters once in a while.


per letter

No long term contract

Access basic data layers

Check you local area

See property Profiles

Most popular


Power users and small teams looking to scale their business to the next level and send regular direct mail.


per letter

Everything in Freemium

No long term contract

No "Subscription fees"

Min 100 letters per month

Build campaigns

Explore Landlord portfolios

Target sales opportunities


For larger property businesses using our tools daily throughout their branch network and who are looking to capitalise on volume letter sending. Letter prices from


per letter

No long term contract

No "Subscription fees"

Bulk letter discounts

Campaign Builder

Report Builder

Export Data



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How does billing work?

We charge no subscription fees and you only pay for letters you send out. You can use all the great features inside propalt for free.

Why is it Free?

Having dealt with many platforms we believe that you shouldn't pay for data, only when you use it. We think the more contact you have with market the better the result, we have simply created the opportunity for you to send more letters to more sellers

So how do you make money?

We make a small margin on the letters that get sent. We think that this is the fairest way to have a partnership with you. You get to speak to more home sellers and landlords. Its a win-win

What happens to my letter credits if I dont use them all

Credits are in your account and if you send less than you have credits for then they simply roll over for the next month

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