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UK housing market as of early 2024
Christine | 15th Mar 2024

UK housing market as of early 2024

The UK housing market is a dynamic and integral part of the national economy, reflecting broader economic trends and consumer confidence. In recent months, we've observed subtle yet significant movements in house prices, suggesting a cautious optimism among buyers and sellers.


Current Market Overview


Annual Price Change

Average House Price (£)

Notable Trends

UK Average



Fifth consecutive monthly rise.

Northern Ireland



Strongest performing part of the UK.




Highest average house price across all regions; first annual growth since Jan 2023.

North West England



Strong annual growth.

North East England



Solid gains.




Solid gains.




Positive annual property price growth.

Eastern England

-0.8% (Monthly Drop)


Largest monthly drop among regions.

The data reflects a market that, while showing signs of cautious optimism, also exhibits significant regional disparities.


As of early 2024, the UK housing market has experienced a modest increase in average house prices, now standing at £291,699. This growth, marked by a 0.4% rise in February, is part of a broader trend of gradual appreciation over the past five months. Annually, the market has seen a 1.7% increase, a slight deceleration from previous months but indicative of a stabilizing market environment.


Regionally, the performance varies, with Northern Ireland leading with a 5% annual increase in house prices. London, maintaining its position with the highest average house prices, has also seen growth, marking a 1.5% increase year-on-year. This regional diversity highlights the multifaceted nature of the UK housing market, with different areas responding to unique local factors.


A Fresh Perspective: Beyond the Numbers

While the numerical data provides a snapshot of the market's current state, it's essential to delve deeper into the underlying factors and potential future directions. The market's resilience, despite economic uncertainties, suggests a foundational strength and adaptability. Buyers and sellers are navigating the landscape with cautious optimism, influenced by factors such as interest rates, inflation expectations, and government policies.

Looking forward, the conversation around the housing market is evolving. There's a growing emphasis on sustainability and innovation, reflecting a broader societal shift towards environmental consciousness and technological advancement. This perspective encourages stakeholders to consider how green building practices, energy efficiency, and smart home technologies can play a role in shaping the future of housing.


A Balanced Outlook

The UK housing market in 2024 presents a picture of cautious optimism, with steady growth and regional variances painting a complex but hopeful landscape. As we move forward, the focus on sustainability and innovation offers a pathway to a more resilient and forward-thinking housing market. By embracing these principles, the UK can address current challenges while laying the groundwork for a sustainable and inclusive future in housing.

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