Meet the Team

Our team are experts in combining property data into one easy-to-use platform so you can save time on your searching, keep costs down and find hidden gem opportunities in our prebuilt strategies.

Our Story: The Genesis of Propalt

Propalt began during the challenging times of Covid. Our Co-Founder & CTO, Daniel, was in Thailand, trying to grow his property business. He found it difficult because important information could be easier to find or spread across different websites. With travel restrictions in place, he often missed out on good property deals that locals quickly took.

Meanwhile, Kieran, who had left Zoopla, was figuring out why many property deals were falling through in the UK. He realised that having all the necessary information at the start of a property deal could solve many problems.

The turning point came with a simple phone call. A mutual friend thought Daniel and Kieran should meet, and that’s how Propalt was born.

We started in 2021 and quickly grew. Now, we have over 1000 estate agency branches and an amazing team of over 20. Propalt makes it easier for property professionals to find all the information they need in one place, helping them make better decisions quickly. We’re all about making the property market simpler and more accessible for everyone.

Our Culture at Propalt

At Propalt, we're all about working together as a team. We share ideas, learn from each other, and support one another. This teamwork helps us be creative and innovative in the property market. We keep our doors open for everyone's ideas, ensuring everyone feels included and valued. This way, we develop great solutions for our clients and keep our workplace exciting and diverse.

We balance hard work with flexibility in our jobs. We always aim to do our best, but we also understand that flexibility helps us adapt quickly to new challenges in the property world. We encourage everyone to think creatively and bring their unique ideas. This keeps our work interesting and helps us stay ahead in the market.

Executive Team

Kieran - Co-Founder

With his extensive 20-year experience in the property sector, Kieran co-founded Propalt with a vision to streamline property data into actionable insights. His work focuses on making property decisions simpler and more efficient. Kieran's background with leading property platforms has shaped Propalt's innovative approach.

Daniel - Co-Founder & CTO

Daniel brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience in property and technology to Propalt. As Co-Founder & CTO, he is driven by a mission to simplify complex property processes through innovative technology, leveraging his deep understanding of the industry's challenges and opportunities.






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