Still the best performing ROI available
by Kieran Slinger | 25th Apr 2024

Perry Power, one of the industry leading trainers talks to Propalt about tracking the ROI of his mail campaigns as part of his omni-channel marketing strategy


"I wanted to see how much money I actually generated on all our marketing channels but I decided to go back exactly 12 months for our direct mail analysis  so the deals could flow through the funnel and I could get a good read on what had converted. 

We spent £4487 on sending 9900 letters and we compared this with properties that came on as a direct result of being in a letter campaign. We know that there is still more if flow through the funnel but only counted when it was sold and the money was in. Power Bespoke generated £22,725 in direct fees, or to break it down for every £1 spent we earn't around £4.50 plus mortgage referrals, conveyancing and other related income . 


Propalt Blog Image.png


So, as part of an omni channel strategy Direct mail bought in 405% ROI over the year as a minimum. If you want to know what the biggest change you can make for your business to grow in the next 12 months is , nail the mail ... the sexy stuff will flow from it." 

Perry Power is one the leading UK estate agency trainers who also has his own agency. You can visit his blog and get more tips at https://www.perrypower.co.uk/

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